Why you need social media agency?

Why a multi-brand brings to the forefront of social media pages, constantly doing the campaign? Did you ask yourself? Of course you have asked, so you are this page. Now, let us explain with concrete facts importance of using social media in brand communication.

Social Media Management But Why?

1- We can customize the target group (Age, Gender, Marital Status, Interest...) : Unlike classic channels, we can divide to segments the target group. For example; for a furniture manufacturer, we can aim in the last two years was engaged and living cities where in dealers. For a construction company, we can choose a group who the over 40 age, like real estate sites, target zones connected internet and shopping online therefore we can achiving relevant group.
2- We can supply the long term brand communication so increasing page likes and following: A user who like your facebook page or follow your twitter page continuing to see all sharing. Moreover, without additional cost to you. A page has 1 milion likes equals sending free mail to 1 million persons or giving advertising to Tv program that has 1 million audience. You consider how high the cost would come out in classic media.
3- We follow actual, always keep your brand current and provide interaction with the customer: Private days and current events spreads quickly in social media. We use social media tools to become a brand intertwined with consumer and friendly. Being active in social media equals customer relationship managent. Most of consumers who afraid to pick up the phone specify recommendations communicate with you in social media page . We answer them quickly.
4- Both New Customers And Remarketing: We contribute to gain new customers using several tools. (We contribute with several tools to your gaining new customers) Also, we measure feedback. If you maintain communication with existing customers, you can sell your products and services fruquently them. So, you remarket your products and services.


As Venus Agency, we develop and implement social media strategy with our digital media and social media team. Briefly processes:
1- Determination of brand targets and messages: Your brand from others differents is being determinated. Determination of medium and long-term marketing strategy.
2- Choosing Medium: In this process, we determine that will be used of which social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google, foursquare, Linkedin, Instagram) medium.   
3- Montly Planning: Considering the special days and corporate plans are made monthly planning. For example; all shares in May is determined in April. According to the montly dynamics and current developments can be done changes.
4- Determination of communication protocols: Sharing language and answering incoming interactions and determination of the authorities transfer format.
5- Sharing and Following: All sharing are done with our special vehicles even if in weekend and outside working hours. We follow and answer all interplays.
6- Reporting: We offer you interactions with montly regular and detailed reports. This reports are evaluated every month and  while we plan of next month shows us the way.


So, our work brands and example social media pages:
Effectively shares in social media are spread very quickly. Therefore, you must have a social media maneger and a effective social media plan. If you are still actively used social media accounts and managers do not have? More from late, meet the world of social media effectively...
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