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How to set digital advertising budget?

How to set digital advertising budget?

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Spending money on digital advertising is a must to make your company's voice heard in the digital world. So how will you set your advertising budget? What will you spend in which media? Let's find out together. 

First, you should determine your objective. Will you use social media ads or Google ads? Which media is more effective for your products and services? After making these clear, you need to analyze keywords, fields of interest, and demographics. 

If you're going to use Google ads , you need to know which words or phrases are used to search for your products and services. If you have trouble selecting your keywords, our article “Tips for choosing the right keywords” can help you.

If you're planning to use social media ads, you should discover other interests of the users who might be interested in your products and services. Moreover, demographic criteria such as age, gender, city, and country are also very important. 

After completing the keyword, interest, and demographics analyses, you can prepare the budget analysis related to the media you plan to advertise on. While deciding on your advertisement budget, you should identify which data is important for your company, such as estimated clicks, website visitor number, total reach, and impressions. 

Competitor analysis is another aspect to be considered. How do your competitors conduct their digital marketing activities? In which media do they advertise? Having knowledge about these aspects can provide you guidance. 

Venus Agency conducts a detailed analysis to determine your digital advertising budget and guides you with concrete data. For our partner companies, we provide direct access to the advertisement panels of Google and Facebook and then move forward transparently. This makes it possible to monitor every moment of the ad online. Efficient budget use is our top priority in ads. Please feel free to contact us for digital marketing solutions designed to help your company move forward.