SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
What is SEO?

SEO is the abbreviation of the expression “Search Engine Optimization”. Main aim of the “Search Engine Optimization” is to help web sites reach the top of searched words and thus to show the site that presents the product to the demanded audience.
SEO study is all of the technical and contextual studies made to related key word or word groups for taking a web site to the top in searches.
In fact, SEO’s job is nothing but finding the correct key words and preparing the pages according to W3C standard. Besides, some experiences are being added of course, for example, making the sites important by writing articles in forum sites and blog sites. As structures such as blog, wiki, forum are largely about texts and as they are composed of thousands of records, they are noted down separately and so their probability to be viewed increases.

Use original contents on your web site. This is the main information. Google’s algorithms are secret and very complicated. Therefore, hundreds of thousands of people still cannot reach a final decision although they use it. One of them is that if you use copy-paste content and if Google realizes this, it leaves your page in the back. Yes, this is also one of those, and believe it, it is real. I think you now understand better why I have called it “very complicated”. Some rumors are also being discussed. For example as the things that are written in
tags have more importance. Perhaps this is one of the parameters and its value is, for example 0,0002. No one can say this certainly. If you ask me, I will advice you not to lose the truth. Continue to improve your site with honesty and good intention. Be sure that even this will be enough for you to reach the top. Spend the time for working in good purpose instead of the time you spend for some illegal ways to carry your site to the top. Google will understand this. Otherwise, it can ban your site and give a punishment of not to be appear in searches for months.
Search engine is a system that indexes the web sites on the internet according to their titles, explanations, key words and contents. Registering to the search engines and getting a good position after registration are two completely different concepts. One is called search engine submission (registration) and the other is called search engine optimization.
Search engines visit your site automatically and memorize almost all of your pages. They use structures called robot for this. After visiting one page from your site these robots visit all of the links that are in that page. For example, if they visit your main page and if you have given a link to all of your pages from here, that means they will visit them, too. Also if you have given a link to a site apart from your site they will also visit there and if that site is not in their list, they will add it. Due to you the site that you gave link to are down to the search engine. This is the same for you, too. Because many crawlers do not have manual site adding and prefer their robot add the sites. For this reason, if you save your site in visible areas, you help crawlers find your site easily.


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