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Why Internet Advertisements?

Internet, which is not an alternative course recently, is the easiest way to reach the target audience with minimum price. A television advertisement reaches very large audience; it even reaches the audience who will not interest in your product/service most probably. It is true that it creates an impression. However, due to internet you can reach your target audience and decrease your advertisement expenses.
-Its feedback is estimated easily: If your aim is to reach the end quickly and you want to see how much advertisement expenses you spent and how much you gain, the only course that accomplishes this without an extra search price is internet. Advertisement results can be reported so detailed that making a similar search will cost thousands of liras. Therefore, by analyzing the results, next advertisement campaigns can be constituted according to this. Today, there are even companies that use those analysis to choose the cities it will give franchise, to share advertisement budgets according to the rates of visit. 
-It is privatized: for example, you can direct someone who is searching for “Web Design Courses” and is living in Ankara, and who is connecting to internet between 10:00-17:00 towards web design courses of your web site by showing him/her an advertisement titled “Web Design Courses in Ankara”. Do you know any way more privatized than this?
-It can be changed: Supposed that you had a brochure printed and you started to have it distributed. Then you realized that you made a big mistake and used the wrong messages-images. Great financial lost! However on the internet you have the chance to change your campaign wherever and whenever you are. SEVEN DAYS 24 HOURS.
-It is economic: It is the most favorable course where you can give advertisements according to your budget. You can save budget from 1 lira to 1 million liras daily, and manage your budget.
-You can get instant results: If you decide today, you start today and you get result today. If still the magic of the internet advertising have not reached you, please hurry up.

Google AdWords Advertisement Campaigns Management and Consultancy
Google Adwords (sponsor link) advertisements are published in relation to the related contents in the publisher sites that use Adhense or in Google searches with the key words that are selected and analyzed for your sector or your product.
Your advertisement can be placed on the right or at the top of the Google search page.
Your advertisement                    People click your                
                                         and connect
appears next to the                                                     advertisements…
                                  to your
related search…              company.

Google AdWords is the advertisement model that provides your advertisement to be in the front when searched with the key word you want. As a result of this you can only reach the product and people who search for your service. You can save yourself from unnecessary prices and you can reach your potential clients directly.

Your clients are searching first the internet for products and services from now on. Purchasers are now surfing on google not in market. AdWords for new corporate contacts.

The most favorable priced advertisements are the ones that are given to search engines. Your advertisement can be published in 5 minutes after it is prepared. You can see how many people are entering from which regions in a day on the site.

You just pay for the results. Pay when you are clicked! Let your advertisement be published on Google, and new clients find you!

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Google AdWords

Google AdWords advertisement campaigns

In 90s, when internet was not as common as it is now, the idea of giving advertisement on the web was seen as a very radical work to do. In many sites there was not even an advertisement; old people remember well, I say this as being an internet user since 1993. Some companies such as DoubleClick have seen the probable future there. This adventure has become a structure that companies from every scale are used easily now. Furthermore the competition has reached so high a level that Google bought DoubleClick for a high cost like 3.1 billion dollars, Microsoft paid a wealth that cost 48 billion dollars to Yahoo. All aim in this is to rule over the billion dollar huge internet pie. Today, companies with small and middle scales can constitute an advertisement budget, too. Meeting with advertisement givers from every scale with budgets from 10 TL to a million TL daily has become possible now.

Once, advertisements were being marketed with the method of CPM (Cost Per Mille), that is, cost per 1000 displays, since 2000s the method of CPC (Cost Per Click), that is, cost per every click is developed in addition to this. Google adopt this second system, but this does not mean that the first system is not good. In some cases CPM method can be more advantageous. For example, preferring CPM for a new cracker can be reasonable at first. Because showing this product is enough, connecting to the site by clicking the it does not mean much.

How many of us have entered to a cracker site? Our seeing it and desiring it, and steeping the tea is enough for the company that sells the product.

Google has set the system so good that the person surfing on the site could not understand that the advertisement area is an advertisement usually. Because it can bring suitable advertisements for the page it exists due to its improved algorithms. Thus, we all see the accomplishment of advertisement strategy according to its interest area.

CPM: Cost Per Mille, cost per 1000 displays

CPC: Cost per Click, cost per every click I want to give advertisement to the web sites.

How? If you want to give online advertisement for your company or product reach us certainly. We present you the reports related to your advertisements. Therefore you will be able to evaluate your campaigns’ accomplishments also. If you had decided to enter the world of online advertisement, you should have answered those questions.

This, you can continue healthier:

1. Determine your aim
2. Determine your target audience 
3. Determine your budget 
4. Determine your expectations 
5. Evaluate the results and decide.

You can give your advertisements with the words you determined and also you can determine the sites it will be appeared in, you can determine it will be appeared in the sites broadcasting which language and you have even region based alternatives. For example, let us consider a furniture shop that works for Türkiye markets. This company that wants to do works in world quality can easily provides its advertisement to be shown in Turkish sites in searches with the word “furniture”. It can provide this with only 20 TL budget daily.

If the shop wishes, it can show its advertisement in only a particular day of the week. It is also so flexible that it is exactly a tactical war in fact. For this reason, consulting an expert before doing this work is advantageous. Instead of spending money in vain, useful strategies can be improved by working with the experts.

To Be or Not To Be In the Front on Google

Come and register Google’s magic world. Let your accessibility increase, your phone ring more…

The number of internet users is nearly 27 million in only our country, and this number is increasing day by day. Do you want to have clients from every place of Türkiye?

As Google advertisements are shown with the words you determined, you have a direct increase in your target audience.

You can determine your advertisement budget by yourself. Google advertisements work with cost per click sense and your advertisements are published until the price reaches the budget you determined.

You can publish your advertisements in the cities you want. Furthermore on the days and at the hours you determined.

7 Reasons to Start At Once

-Your clients are searching first the internet for products and services from now on.

-Purchasers are now surfing on google not in markets.

-AdWords helps you get into corporate institutional contacts.

-You do not tire your budget with the most favorable advertisement costs.

-Your advertisement can be published in 5 minutes after it is prepared.

-You can reach the statistics of the people who connect to your site with detailed reports.

-You pay only for results. Pay when clicked!

 More Reasons

Despite economic difficulties, advertisement givers continue investing on search engine due to its strong invest return (ROI) and performance that surpasses the other tactics.

-Razorfish March 2009 Advertisement givers started to move their investment to more interactive and estimable media tools by observing the changes in the interest of their target audience in the last decade. The investments that are done in that area are expected to increase %20 even on those difficult day.

-IBM March’09 1.6 billion people are surfing on the internet in the world, and this is nearly %24 of the total population., March 2009 Daily e-mail capacity is nearly 210 billion in the world now and this number is increasing.

-The Radicati Group, Inc. Press Statement Internet usage increased 12 times since the year 2000 in Türkiye and the country rose to the position of 7th internet user., March 2009

The number of the internet users in Türkiye are 26,5 million, that is, %35 of the population use internet., March 2009 %40 of the people in Europe who do shopping on the internet change their decisions about which trademark to buy after the search they did.

-EIAA Research “Net Purchase Potential”, January 2008 %73 of the internet users see search engines as more reliable resources than the advice they got from their neighborhood (%63), when doing a research about a product.

-EIAA Mediascope Europe Study, November 2007 In the situations when a trademark rises to the top between the natural results and sponsor connections, %84 of the consumers who will do shopping think of buying that product. But when the same trademark rises to the top only in natural searches its purchase rate decreases to %73.

-Enquiro Research in Ipsos Mori Corporation, April 2008 %21 of the consumers purchase a product after they see its TV advertisements. %60 of the consumers search an advertisement that they see on TV, on internet.

-IAB, May 2008 A search on the internet creates the same influence with %52 less cost than other communication tools about increasing trademark awareness.

-Millward Brown’s Research On Google, 2007

Google Advertisement Costs

Facebook Advertisement

Reach over 250.000.000 Facebook users.

Add social activities to increase the interest in your advertisements.

Create supply by using advertisements that are related directly to your product.

Create visual and text based advertisements quickly.

Give advertisements for some things such as your own web site or a page or activity on Facebook

Choose one of the payment ways; cost per click (CPC) or cost per 1000 displays (CPM).

Follow your advertisements’ situation with the help of real time reports.

Have an idea about who clicked on your advertisements.

Make changes for maximizing your results.


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